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The FCCJ Freedom of the Press Awards


The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan is holding the FCCJ Freedom of the Press Awards. The purpose is to confer due recognition to journalists whose work represents the finest in defense of free speech, open society, and democratic accountability, with a particular eye to issues connected with, or touching on, the Japanese experience. We hope the awards will encourage investigative journalism and support protections for a free and open press, now and in the future. The awards are as follows:

* Japan Investigative Journalism Awards〔日本調査報道賞〕

These will be awarded for one or more worthy works done on a Japan-related topic that is first published, broadcast or otherwise transmitted between May 15, 2016 and May 16, 2017. The work can be a single story or series, and must be authored, written or produced by a journalist based within or outside Japan. The work should be about a matter which is clearly affects the public interest and which the authorities or parties involved did not wish to become known to the public and which was brought to light by diligent investigation. Awarded annually.

* Lifetime Achievement Award (報道功労賞)

Given to a journalist or individual who has dedicated their life to promoting freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Candidates must be based in Japan. Awarded only if a suitable candidate is found.

* Supporters of the Free Press (自由報道の盟友)

Candidates must be based in Japan and can include lawyers, activists, whistleblowers, those working on a campaign for freedom of press, among others.


Submissions accepted: May 11 - June 9, 2017

Judges: A panel of FCCJ members, veteran journalists and scholars

Winners announced: Mid-June

Entries: Please send name, title and affiliation, professional bio and samples of reporting done between May 10, 2016 and May 16, 2017. Must be original work in English or Japanese with an English translation or summary provided.

For questions please call the FCCJ at 03-3211-3161 from 11:00-17:00. Email inquiries and submissions should be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Committee Members:

Khaldon Azhari, FCCJ President and Freedom of Press Committee Chair

Abigail Leonard, FCCJ Freedom of Press Committee Deputy Chair



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