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With the recent appointment of a new general manager to oversee the Club’s staff and administration, we on the Board feel a sense of relief as we can now shift away from certain aspects of the Club that have been taking up our time

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– in particular membership issues, human resources, the Club’s move – and concentrate on other matters related to journalism and the core raison d’etre of the Club.

The Board is involved in creating a vision for the future that will help the Club shine in its new premises. The priority for the new GM will be the MOVE, outsourcing and restructuring the office and staff operations to better suit the Club as we move forward.

One main structural problem – or, rather, challenge – has been the limited term of the Board's officers, namely one year. As soon as the Board learns about the issues facing the Club and draws up new policies, June comes along and with it the election of a new Board. In many cases, a whole new board is elected and its members need to learn everything from scratch. On the positive side, most members involved in Club affairs and “politics” are very knowledgeable on the issues we deal with and ready for the challenge whenever the Club faces priority issues and developments that require immediate attention and action.

On balance, I feel that this Board, with the help of our staff including the new general manager, is well equipped to continue leading the Club toward a successful move and an improved food and beverage operation. I ask the members to continue their important support of their Board in these busy and difficult months. We always appreciate this support.

-Khaldon Azhari


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