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The commonly cited “Murphy’s Law” states that what can go wrong will go
wrong – usually with a myriad of unforeseen consequences. It has been
suggested Murphy’s Law be included in studies of physics, though I’ve yet to
see a book titled: Black Holes, Quarks and Murphy.

Nike Roshe

Journalists are not well known for their grasp of quantum physics but they are

familiar with Murphy’s Law. When dealing with breaking news and dozens of
moving parts, Murphy’s Law truly comes into its own. My memorable
experiences of Murphy were running a newsroom with about 200 staff on
dozens of news beats. The lesson learnt was you cannot fight Murphy’s Law,
you can only embrace it, laugh along with the absurdities and carry on.

I’m rambling on about this because the FCCJ’s move to a new Club is prime
territory for Murphy: new untested facilities and hundreds and hundreds of
moving parts. FCCJ staff members have been working long days and, in some
cases, overnight, to prepare for the move, but thanks to Murphy’s Law it will
take months to bed down operations in the new Club. Stuff happens. We ask
your patience and cooperation to make this work. And, of course, suggestions
are welcome.

While on the subject of welcomes, the Board met on Oct. 24 and Treasurer
Willem Kortekaas gave an update on the donation drive. We have a long way to
meet our financial targets, but it was very welcome to hear about the generosity
of members. A big Thank You to those who have contributed, and much
encouragement to those who are considering the same.

At the Board meeting we passed a number of resolutions. They include:
Hiring an auditor for fiscal 2018/19 and a tax advisor. The Board also authorized
publication of minutes of meetings, excluding items discussed in “executive
session” that can include personal information and other confidential data. The
minutes will be posted on the members-only section of the Club’s web site. It
will be announced when the first report is posted.

Finally, we have tempered our ambitions somewhat on the Nov. 22 Gala
Opening of the new Club as we believe we were being, well, overly ambitious
considering the short time to prepare.

It will be a Grand Opening Party for members and guests, including several
entertainment events. Taiko Drummers and Kagami Biraki are just a couple of
them. More details will follow. I’m not sure about inviting Murphy, but he usually
just shows up anyway.


Peter Langan



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