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I’m writing this a day after the April FCCJ Board meeting which, as usual,
started with a report from the General Manager Marcus Fishenden on general
club affairs. He began by noting that Mitsubishi has started work on alleviating
some of the sound leakage problems in the new Club. The work includes the
main dining area, the studio, and the so-called Skype booths, and is well in

Chuck Taylor All Star

Some Board members complained about the soft jazz background music
playing out of a small speaker behind the Main Bar, a sentiment that was not
shared by all. But a vote was held and the music killers prevailed 4 to 3 (you
can guess my vote). However, I believe that in an age of populism, the broader
membership should have a say in this, just like Brexit. So please make your
views known at the office to Mr. Iwamura or Mr. Fishenden. Vote for sound to
soothe the savage breast!

Speaking of voting, the Board decided on June 27 as the date for the Annual
General Membership Meeting. More details on the meeting will follow, as well
as the setting up of an Election Committee for the next Board election. (Yes,
that time of the year is approaching again.)

The Board also voted on a date for the first increase in initiation fees for new
Associate Members, passed at the last GMM. This increase will be on May 31,
2019. Applications for Associate Membership arriving after May 31 will require
an initiation fee of ¥400,000 compared to the previous ¥300,000. The Board did
not decide a date for the other agreed increase in initiation fees to ¥500,000 for
new Associate Members. But if you have friends considering a Club Associate
Membership clearly now is the time to act. And also remember, Associate
Members can claim a tax deduction for Club fees.

The Swadesh DeRoy Scholarships were awarded in April to students
considering a career in journalism. Abby Leonard, David Satterwhite and Daniel
Hurst, the organizers and judges of the submissions this year in Pen,
Photography and Video categories, said the competition was tough and resulted
in some joint prizes. The winning entries will be featured in next month’s
Number 1 Shimbun.

Finally, a shout out to our Professional Activities Committee (PAC) staff who
work behind the scenes to make the press events go smoothly. PAC events are
like icebergs, and what you see represents just 20 percent of the work that goes
into making them happen. The same applies to the Library staff, who run
excellent research services for those in need and have been behind some
excellent book breaks this year. If you meet these staff around the Club, take a
moment to say thank you.

Will leave you with a sailing thought for the day: “The pessimist complains about
the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”
See you in the Club.

Peter Langan



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