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Please have a look at Speak Out event (held in June 14th) movie file in "Members Only" section of our homepage.

PDF File: FCCJ Election 2019: List of Candidates

*in alphabetical order

Candidates of Directors from Regular Members (Vote for up to eight)

Khaldon Azhari, PanOrient News

Thomas Høy Davidsen, Jyllands Posten

Monzurul Huq, Daily Prothom Alo

Takashi Kawachi, Freelance

Peter Langan, Freelance

Abigail Leonard, Freelance

Peter O’Connor, Musashino University/Freelance

Anthony Rowley, Freelance

Daniel Sloan, Freelance/Nissan

Robert Whiting, Freelance


Candidates of Directors from Associate and Professional/Journalist Associate Members (Vote for up to four)

Mehdi Bassiri, O.B.M. Co., Ltd.

Warren Devalier, Interface Inc.

Willem Kortekaas, EUROACT K.K.

David Satterwhite, Lee 106 Co., Ltd.


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