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Specially Assorted Sashimi for New Year in a traditional Japanese 'Jyubako' box





Masukomi Sushi Bar
Special December Offer

To express our gratitude for your loyal patronage throughout this year, the Masukomi Sushi Bar has prepared a special gift of premium nori seaweed served at our restaurant to take home for members with dinner reservations during the month of December.

By popular demand, the delicious winter crab special offered in November will be back again on our menu this month for a full course price with the fabled Kobako crab at 9,000 yen per person (9,900 yen with tax.)

Don't miss the special season offerings and your free gift this month at the Masukomi Sushi Bar.
We sincerely look forward to your visit.

Please make your reservation by calling us at 03-3211-8184 (direct).
Reservations cannot be made by email.

The Masukomi Sushi Bar


マスコミ寿司バー 12月のサービスイベント

マスコミ寿司バーでは、1年間の感謝の意味を込めまして12月中のディナータイムにご予約 ご来店下さった会員様に、

また11月中に提供させていただきましたズワイガニの雌 「香箱蟹」が大変ご好評をいただきましたので
お一人様一杯 香箱蟹が付く12月限定特別コースを御一人様9,000 円(税込み9,900 円)にてご用意させていただきます。


マスコミ寿司バー 直通 03-3211-8184








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