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Temprary Closure of the Masukomi Sushi Bar (pdf file/ updated: April 30, 2020) 


Masukomi Sushi Bar Special Takeout Offer in April (updated: April 22, 2020)

The Masukomi Sushi Bar is currently operating under shorter hours in the hopes of contributing to reducing Corona Virus infections. With such a goal in mind, we have expanded our delicious takeout menu for our members.

To show our appreciation for your patronage, each customer coming to the Masukomi to pick up their takeout will receive a special gift coupon which can be exchanged for our popular Futomaki Roll when we reopen for dinner service.

We regret that we cannot inform our customers yet when that will be, and thank you for your patience. In the meanwhile, we look forward to seeing you during our daytime sushi service, and hope the return of full operating hours is just around the corner.

Other than our legendary Deluxe Assortment set, priced at 3,500 yen plus tax, members will be able to take out for a limited promotional period the following special priced boxed sushi:


Superior Selection, single order: 7 nigiris, roll sushi, tamago
1,800 yen
Superior Selection, 1.5 portion: 10 nigiris, sushi roll, tamago
2,500 yen
Four Deluxe Assortment Sushi Rolls, including Toro Maki
1,800 yen

The Masukomi Sushi Bar is currently open only for lunch service, but for members who have made take-out orders in advance, pick-up will be possible until 17:00.

We hope our Members will take this opportunity to enjoy our sushi at home.
Please call Masukomi directly for all orders and enquiries at 03-3211-8184 .

We thank you for your continued patronage and look forward to serving you.

The Masukomi Sushi Bar


Sushi in Spring season



マスコミ寿司バー 4月の特別提供サービス (Update 4月22日)



自宅でも楽しめるお寿司のお持ち帰りメニューとして、通常の1人前3,500円 (税別) 特上寿司の他、

上寿司 1人前 7貫 巻物 玉子焼き
1人前 1,800 円(税別)
上寿司 1.5人前 10貫 巻物 玉子焼き
1.5人前 2,500 円(税別)
巻物詰合せ(トロ巻き 含む 4種類 4本)
1,800 円(税別)






03-3211-8184 (マスコミ寿司バー直通)


Sushi in Spring season





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