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Author:Pomeroy, Charles (General Editor)
Publisher:Charles E. Tuttle Publishing
Price: ¥3,500


"History with a human face" describes the FCCJ's book, Foreign Correspondents
in Japan. It reflects the personal views and reminiscences of foreign
correspondents from the Club's founding in 1945 to the mid-1990s as
they covered the entire gamut of news and analysis of events in Japan
and Asia.

The photo of war correspondents in Korea (circa 1950) on the front
cover of the book includes, from left to right, Carl Mydans of
Time-Life, a top-ranked photographer and Pulitzer Prize-winner;
Keyes Beech of the Chicago Daily News, also a Pulitzer Prize-winner
and president of the FCCJ in 1948-49; Marguerite Higgins of the
New York Herald Tribune, another prize-winning journalist who
died of disease in 1966 while covering the war in Vietnam; Roy
Macartney, chief correspondent for the Australian Associated Press-Reuters
in Tokyo, who wrote the book "With the Australians in Korea";
Tom Lambert of the Associated Press, who was FCCJ president in
1947; and Frank Gibney of Time-Life, then Newsweek and Encyclopedia
Britannica, who is a well known author and authority on Japan.
Gibney also wrote the Introduction for the FCCJ book. The photo
was set up by Mydans, who had the shutter clicked by a passerby
after taking his position.

The book is available for purchase at the FCCJ or online

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