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by Justin McCurry

According to Gregory Jaczko, former head of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Tepco and Japan’s nuclear regulation authorities might have prevented the water crisis from spiraling out of control had they acted more quickly after consulting their counterparts in the U.S. in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

Jaczko, who spoke at the FCCJ in late September, said that U.S. and Japanese officials were aware very early on that leaks would pose a risk after huge quantities of water were used to cool molten fuel. “It’s been known for a long time that this would be an issue,” he said. “My biggest surprise is to some extent how it’s been allowed to deteriorate… and how it’s almost become a surprise again that there are contamination problems, that there is leakage out into the sea.”



Sir Michael Rake, chairman of the UK's leading business lobby, the Confederation of British Industry and chairman of the BT (British Telecom) Group, gave an outside perspective on Abenomics at the Cub on October 4. A veteran of the British business scene over many decades, Sir Michael offered thoughts on how Prime Minister Shinzo Abe can make his 'third arrow' of deregulation effective, drawing on lessons from the radical measures seen in Britain since the 1980s.


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