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by Julian Ryall

The former prime minister rules out a “grand coalition” with fellow former PM Junichiro Koizumi to do away with nuclear energy, but vows to continue his own campaign.

Speaking at a luncheon at the FCCJ on December 12, Kan repeated his support for Koizumi’s opposition to Japan’s reliance on nuclear power – a controversial position for the former LDP prime minister, given that the party that he headed for so many years is so committed to restarting the nation’s mothballed reactors.

Asked if he might put aside his Democratic Party of Japan affiliations to team up with Koizumi, Kan replied that he believes both politicians “can be more effective separately.”

“If we were to collaborate, then people would get suspicious.[Prime Minister Shinzo] Abe and the LDP would say that he had strayed from the party,” Kan said. In the same vein, Kan believes he would be accused of “snuggling up” to Koizumi by many in the DPJ.


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