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A regular up-date featuring articles written for publications

all over the world by FCCJ Correspondents

Steve McClure reports in the Japan Times on the year that was supposed to change the Japanese music business -- but didn't.

Back in March I wrote that major international streaming services Spotify and Rdio would likely launch in Japan "sometime in the next few months." That, I confidently predicted, would be a sign that "the Japanese music business is abandoning its Galapagos-like isolation and is entering the music-streaming mainstrea. Well, I was wrong. Mea culpa. Maxima, already.  Read the article

Softbank continues to move agressively into the US market by agreeing to buy Brightstar, writes Jonathan Soble in the Financial Times

The Japanese group and its billionaire founder, Masayoshi Son, are looking to win over US mobile customers by applying the same aggressive pricing strategy that has worked for the group in Japan. Brightstar could further that aim by giving it greater scale as a hardware buyer and, with that, more power to negotiate with manufacturers.   Read article (paywall)

Unfair at any speed

According to The Times' RICHARD LLOYD PARRY, the family of a senile man who was hit and killed by a train was sent a bill for ¥7.2 million by the railway.

No one knows how Kenji Watanabe ended up on the railway but he was hit by a train travelling at 70mph and killed instantly. Mr Watanabe, 91, suffered from severe dementia and had wandered off from his home unnoticed one afternoon. For his family, the tragedy was only the beginning of their distress.

Read article (paywall)

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