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A regular up-date featuring articles written for publications

all over the world by FCCJ Correspondents

In the Number 1 Shimbun, Michael Penn calls for action against a bill that could intimidate journalists from doing their jobs.

By the very nature of the FCCJ, engagement with the society that surrounds us is a primary concern. Indeed, right there near the beginning of the Articles of Association is a declaration that our objective is “to defend the freedom of the press and free exchange of information and, in so doing, to maintain and increase friendly relations and sympathetic understanding between Japan and other countries.”    Read the article

The cabinet has okayed a bill that targets leakers of classified material, but it may pose a threat to freedom of the press, writes Ayako Mie in the Japan Times.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Cabinet is set to approve a controversial bill today to protect state secrets that stops short of fully guaranteeing the public's right to know and freedom of the press. Critics fear the bill, which would next go to the Diet, gives the government too much power to control access to information.    Read the article


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