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A regular up-date featuring articles written for publications

all over the world by FCCJ Correspondents

According to Justin McCurry in the Christian Science Monitor, more than 80 percent of the public want the secrecy law changed and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's popularity has plummeted

The day after Japan's parliament approved a controversial secrecy law, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attempted to banish the mental clutter of governance with Zen meditation at a Tokyo temple. After meditating, Mr. Abe said that the end of the bill's stormy passage into law last week after days of angry protests "felt as though a storm had passed." Read the article


Several takes on Yasukuni visits

Martin Fackler and Justin McCurry write for the New York Times and the Guardian, respectively, on the fallout of Yasukuni Shrine visits (or non-visit in PM Abe's case).

For a third time this year, Japan's prime minister, Shinzo Abe, refused supporters' calls to visit a controversial Tokyo war shrine on Thursday, sending a ceremonial offering instead in what was apparently an effort to avoid angering Asian neighbors, including China.                Read the article


China has summoned Japan's ambassador in Beijing to protest against Friday's visit to a controversial war srhine by more than 150 Japanese politicians, including a cabinet minister.     Read the article


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