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Main Bar and Masukomi Sushi

Nov. 2 - Dec. 6, 2013

The exhibition "Prism" offers a method to view reality from a different perspective. The collection presents women from Europe and America, although they may appear to be from places beyond your imagination. Jasna does not alter reality with photoshop, but rather works with other artists and uses her creative mind to bring a surreal feel to her work. Viewing her photographs is as if looking through a prism, at a rainbow layered with colors, designs, and lights. The prism is thus a means to refract our ordinary vision into a magical one. The images of this exhibition present a dreamlike and poetic twist on portraits in the Main Bar, along with a series on Jasna's world travels in the Masukomi Sushi.

Jasna Boudard is a multi-national artist and photographer. She is half French and half Bengali, and lived in Barcelona, Paris, New York, Texas, Morocco, and Bangladesh. From her constant travels she developed a melting pot personality of various cultures and abilities. Aside from photography, she is also works as a painter, model, performer, and conceptual artist. Her journey as a photographer aims to bring together these creative facets with her experience of life. With a camera in hand, she turns her world into her canvas. Jasna has exhibited numerous times in the USA and Europe, and is very grateful to the FCCJ to host her first exhibition in Japan.

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