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Feb. 1 - 28, 2014 at 

Main Bar and Masukomi Sushi.



I have been fortunate to meet watermen who shared a close relation with the ocean.

Being raised in Kamakura, with a lifestyle anchored in surfing and the ocean close at hand; I believe they reveal all the knowledge and wisdom I need in life. Meeting any waterman is a fantastic experience, but as a photographer these two individuals helped construct a platform on which to build my life. Although both are departed, their memories are still vivid in my mind.

Jacques Mayol and Tiger Espere.

If you who have met either of men, there is no need to explain how special they were. Both had powerful messages, existing without airs and at one with nature.
Having access to such extraordinary watermen, I felt a duty to document their lives and not embellish them.

Taisuke Yokoyama
Born in Tokyo 1948, he has lived mostly in Kamakura. As a student in the 70s, a photograph he took of a wave at Inamuragasaki gave him the inspiration to become a photographer. Choosing surfing as his theme, Taisuke has taken numerous portraits of surfers and ocean related people as well as musicians, actors, and celebrities. He has published a number of photo books including "Dedication to Two Watermen" and "Surfers".

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