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Graphic design by the art director of Number 1 Shimbun 
in the Main Bar and Masukomi Sushi 
April 5 - May 9, 2014 
Nov 07 bullet80

Design and journalism go hand-in-hand. How to get the story across? How to attract the reader to open the magazine, to read the article, to get an immediate visual summary of the story? And even just to entertain the reader. For Number 1 Shimbun - a magazine that not only contains excellent journalism, but is also partly aimed at a journalist readership - advice from a famous designer on the three rules for achieving good magazine design comes to mind: read the text, read the text and read the text. Each design is a conflation of the facts into a small poster, a concise summary ? and an identity. The designs are not only the face of the publication, but play a part in being the face of the Club's journalist membership.

Number 1 Shimbun has been published for 46 years, and I have worked on it for 7 years. We're getting the stories by the Club's correspondents (and sometimes the stories about the correspondents) out there, and, I hope and intend, looking good.

Andrew Pothecary started out as a photographer before moving to graphic design. He initially came to Japan from London in 1999 to design a new-technology magazine called J@pan Inc. After three years working on that, he returned to England and worked for four years in the commercial section of the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, where he was art editor. He moved again to Japan in 2006 and works as a freelance graphic designer.

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