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Saltwater Sky
Photography exhibition by Mitsuyuki Shibata
Main Bar Aug. 2 - Sept. 5



The daily view of the sea spreads before me. To capture it was the only thing that matters. Searching and hoping to meet something new in the same hours, on the same beaches. The sea had not changed or rather, it invites me with greater beauty than before. In the winter, standing on the coastline before the dawn, a deep silence takes over the place, creating a sensation of melting the camera and me into an infinitely changing space and time. Sereneness and openness, more than any words could ever say.

Mitsuyuki Shibata: Movie & Still Cameraman A dedicated surfer, the sea continues to be the center or his life and work. Shibata's romantic and emotional photographs have been embraced, not only by the world of surfing, but within the general population at large. Amongst his published works are; 'Daze' (Marine Planning), 'Lei' (World Photo Press), 'Kaimana Hila Home' (Shueisha Inc.), 'Summer Bohemians' and 'Saltwater Sky' (Bueno Books). The Exhibitions Committee  

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