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 FCCJ Sept 6 - Oct 3 Photo Exhibition

Patterns: photo exhibition by Torin Boyd
Main Bar & Masukomi Sushi
Sept. 6 - Oct. 3, 2014

TorinBoyd exhibition

This series of images were taken over several years and are the result of a subconscious effort. That is, I had never sought out to create a body of work in which patterns and shapes were a common denominator. That all changed one day in 2003 when I was editing my work to build a new portfolio. In looking over my many images, I realized I'd been utilizing patterns on a regular basis for both my professional and personal work. I had developed a photographic style without even knowing it. Presented here are a selection of what I feel are my best pattern images. They span over two decades with many being taken while on assignment for such publications as National Geographic, Newsweek, Fortune, US News & World Report, Business Week, Time, New York Times, and the in-flight magazine of Japan Airlines. Several are images that never made it to print and are being shown for the first time.

Profile: American photojournalist Torin Boyd has been based out of Tokyo, Japan since 1986, concentrating his work on modern day Japan and Asia. He has worked in over twenty countries and throughout the 1990s, was a contract photographer for U.S. News and World Report. He has photographed for many of the World's leading magazines and newspapers, and prior to his career in Japan, was a newspaper photographer in Florida during the late 1970s and early 1980s, as well as a photographer for NASA and various surfing magazines. He has also participated on several publishing projects including the popular Day In the Life of book series, as well as co-authoring two books on Japanese photographic history. He is represented by the photo agency Polaris Images of New York.

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