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the NOREN Exhibition "YURA-YURA"
producers: Kontetsu & Shin Nakamura
exhibition in the Main Bar
Oct 4 - Oct. 31, 2014


NOREN, a fabric partition, is linked to Japanese culture and tradition. Since olden days, it has been used as a facade for signage or interior partitions. The first know usage of the word NOREN were in ZEN textbooks during in the Kamakura-era. In the Edo-era, with progress of dyeing and weaving technology, it became widely used by the general public. Inside or outside, ordinary or extraordinary, NOREN fabric gently provides a separation of space. In this day and age, with a need for more global understanding and respect for diversity, we would like to take the notion of a NOREN, swinging and swaying, as an alternative to building walls of separation. This is our "YURA-YURA" concept.

Kontetsu and Shin Nakamura is 3rd and 4th generation of the NAKAMURA Inc. which produced Kimono making in Kanda Tokyo. Recently Kontetsu had been planning traditional culture events and workshops for next generation. In last spring, their company made a "Big-Noren" for the opening event at the Nihonbashi Redevelopment. Its theme was "Tradition and Innovation". Now NAKAMURA Inc. is promoting more NOREN projects to create a new standard for facade signage and interior partitions.



project members:
Risa Kojo (art direction)
Kiyoshi Takai (photo)
Miho Takenoshita (photo)
Everett K. Brown (photo)
Makoto Hakuba (noren design)
Hitoshi Shirai (weaving)
Shiro Nakani (dyeing)
Akiko Nishida (dyeing)
Masahiro Morioka (sewing)
Tadahiro Konoe (graphic)
Shouryu Hatoba (graphic)
Tenyu (graphic)
Mie Ishii (graphic)

The Exhibitions Committee 

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