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photo exhibition by Androniki Christodoulou
Main Bar & Masukomi Sushi
Nov 1 - Dec 5, 2014 


TOKYO POP is a collection of photos taken over a period of 10 years. An ongoing visual diary from the streets, the people, assignments, and sometimes just because I had my camera. Japan's unique and colorful popular culture was one of the reasons I first came and I'm still captivated by it. The mixture between tradition and new trends, uniformity and the extremes, there is space for everything. Popular culture in Tokyo isn't something that is fixed. It flows and changes faces, but there are always these special moments and people who create its highlights. I try to capture the mood of the places and situations as I experienced them in these transient moments.

Androniki Christodoulou was born in Greece and studied photography in Athens and London. Following a successful career in Greece that included photographing the 2004 Athens Olympics, she moved to Tokyo. Her photos can be seen in a number of Japanese and international publications including The Times, Der Spiegel, Marie Claire, Businessweek, and Sotokoto along with corporate clients such as Apple Japan. Books include "OTAKU SPACES" and self published "UNDERWORLD". Androniki's main focus continues to be documenting life in Japan as she expands her horizons to include other Eastern and Southeastern Asian countries.

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