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Exhibition: Main Bar & Masukomi Sushi

May 9 - June 5, 2015

Tombo photo exhibition by Hiroshi Tanaka

"Tombo" is the Japanese word for dragonfly and there are over 200 varieties throughout Japan. They are a popular insect and the subject for children songs. Dragonflies are considered good luck as they always fly forward and never back. A theme of this series is, "the view seen from a child's perspective". Instead of using a net to catch my dragonflies, I capture them with my camera.

Hiroshi Tanaka
Born in Kobe-shi, Hyogo in 1963. Tanaka's weekday job is a businessman, but on the weekends, he clicks into action as a photographer.
Exhibitions includes "Hiroshi Tanaka's World - the Tombo Diary" at the Kashiwazaki City Museum along with being included in the "Groundswell: Constructing the Contemporary Landscape" at the Museum of Modern Art. He is an active member of the Japan Professinal Photographers Society (JPS), Society of Scientific Photography (SSP), and Japanese Society for Odonatology.

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