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Number 1 Shimbun

Art Exhibition by Baptiste Tavernier

No1-2017-11 Exhibition


Art Exhibition by Baptiste Tavernier

Nov. 4 - Dec. 1, 2017 / FCCJ Main Bar

Baptiste Tavernier is a French artist who has lived more than a decade in Japan, where he studied extensively traditional Japanese arts & crafts and martial arts. His works revolve around the theme of mazes and labyrinths. The labyrinth has served throughout centuries as a symbol marking the center of the world and a metaphor for the city. He has continued this tradition and builds upon it; looking down at the world’s great cities, finding inspiration in the logic of land and water and the maze-like patterns of human settlement. Although the labyrinths myths generally refer to long-lost civilizations, the world he depicts is often set in a distant future, a prospective result of the sum of modern society's choices.

Baptiste is trying to address the impact of human decisions on our lives and our environment. Social and political erring ways, careless urbanization at the expense of nature, blind consumerism, self-diluting wanderings into virtual spaces...
"I embody our delusions into metaphoric and sometimes satirical mazes. This might sound as a pessimistic vision of our world, but I see it in fact as a catharsis and a catalyst to a new consciousness about the environmental and moral catastrophic trajectories that leaders around the world now seem to follow."

Published in: November 2017

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