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Club News

Club News

Regular Members
Lyu Shao Wei, China News Service
Asanobu Sato, The Yomiuri Shimbun

Professional/Journalist Associate Member
Emdad H. Sheikh, ATN Bangla Ltd.

Reinstatement (Associate)
David A. Collins, State Street Global Advisors

Associate Member
Fumihiko Yonezawa, J.P. Morgan


No1-2017-11 Lyu Shao Wei

Biography of Mr. Lyu Shao Wei,

I am a young journalist in China News Service. It is the second time that I come to Japan. I have a strong interest in Japan. Last year, I covered HongKong and religion in China mainly. In the next four years, I hope to know more about Japan and make more friends in FCCJ. The time in FCCJ will be an unforgettable memory for sure.


No1-2017-11 Sato Asanobu

Biography of Mr. Asanobu Sato,


Mr. Asanobu Sato is the Chief Manager at the International Affairs, The Yomiuri Shimbun, one of Japanís leading daily newspapers. Previously, he was the Deputy Editor, International News Department, The Yomiuri Shimbun.
Mr. Sato joined The Yomiuri Shimbun in 1991 and worked for the International News Department, assigned to New Delhi in 2000-2003 and Jakarta in 2006-2009. He also worked as the editor of Fukushima Bureau in 2009-2011 and Toyama Bureau in 2011-2012. He earned his bachelor's degree in creative writing course from Waseda University in Tokyo.

Published in: November 2017

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