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The World of the Professional Ski Instructors in Japan

No1-2018-02 Sky


The World of the Professional Ski Instructors in Japan
~In Commemoration of an Olympic Year~
Photography from SIA Archives
Feb. 3 - March 2, 2018

In commemoration of the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games, the SIA (Professional Ski Instructors Association of Japan) would like to take this opportunity to share the jubilation and depth of skiing in Japan. A lifetime sport, it enjoys a large following from toddlers to seniors. The trill of skiing brings us closer to nature and is a source of great passion for both the novice and hardcore enthusiast. Please celebrate with us the beauty of this Nordic sport as we cheer for the athletics competing in the XXIII Winter Olympics.

SIA was established in 1968 and approved as an incorporated association in 1981. It is the only professional snow-sport organization in Japan that is a member of “ISIA” (International Ski Instructors Association). Nationwide, SIA has 133 ski schools, each with its own unique program geared to wide range of skiing abilities.

Published in: February 2018

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