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April Exhibition: Sakura, and Words of Loving and Cherishing the Faint, Pale Feelings of the Distant Past

No1-2018-04 09

April Exhibition

Sakura, and Words of Loving and Cherishing the Faint, Pale Feelings of the Distant Past

This art is a photo collection printed on Japanese washi paper, brushed over by the Japanese art of shodo (calligraphy). Focusing on the cherry tree, which is at the soul of every Japanese person, the words of loving and cherishing from the past are integrated.

We live and suffer by naturally falling into love, being tormented between the feelings of hope and despair. This law of nature was also operative during the times of Man-you (around the 8th century, CE). When the words and thoughts of the people expressing their commitment to love at that time are expressed through shodo, the ever-slight, and ever-pale memories may be revived.

Profiles of the Artists:

·Rekitei Harada
Born 1940 in Sasebo of Nagasaki Prefecture, Harada began shodo at seventeen. His work was selected by The Japan Fine Arts Exhibition in 1978. He received the Grand-Prix in the 36th Mainichi Shodo Exhibition, and became one of the judges in 1984, the same year when he exhibited his work “Yousetsu” in the Nihon Kokuji Exhibition in Seattle, Washington. In 1989, he was the first foreign national to be selected as one of the “Eight Students” of Soui Oh in the Yu Zhao Shan Fang in Taiwan. In 2010, Harada’s works such as his calligraphy “Dankin” and his screen art “Kyougakusouchou” became a collection in the Taiwan National Art University. Harada currently resides in Shiki, Saitama Prefecture, and still judges for the Mainichi Shodo Exhibition, is also a part of the Print Coterie of Taiwan, and is a permanent steering committee member as well as a judge for the Tokyo Shosakuten.

·Akinobu Oguchi
Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1956, Oguchi made his professional debut as a photographer in 1973. He signed a contract with a famous magazine as a mountaineering photographer in 1988, and in 2007 became a member of the Japan Professional Photographers Society. He showed his “Tibet Kamu Shoujo Junrei” gallery in 2009, and was televised in a special feature program of photographers for NHK in 2013. The Art Museum of Shizuoka Prefecture held a section featuring the works of Oguchi in 2016. Still living in Shizuoka prefecture, Oguchi’ recently held his own exhibitions in Taiwan and China.

Published in: April 2018

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