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Number 1 Shimbun

New Members (July 2018)

Reinstatement (Regular)
Anthony Trotter, ABC News

Professional/Journalist Associate Members (Japanese)
Hiromi Higurashi, The Electric Daily News

Associate Members
Humayun Akhter Mughal, Pakistan TV Corporation Kenneth Reilly, AIG General Insurance Co., Ltd.
Megumi Kumabe, Mylan Seiyaku Ltd.
Shinichiro Tsuchida, Nippon Interpublic Co., Ltd.
Takashi Terano, Oosaki Iin Clinic
Hiroshi Hayashi, Hayashi Jimusho

Reinstatement (Associate)
Russell Saito, Touchdown K.K.


Biography of Mr. Anthony Trotter:
Anthony Trotter has been living and working in Tokyo since arriving in 1996. Working mainly in journalism and communications, his working credits include Reuters TV and Fuji TV, where he was producer for a TV program called News Japan. Eventually forming his own company, his assignments have taken him around the globe, covering everything from G7 meetings to missile launches. Currently working with ABC News as their Tokyo bureau producer and cameraman, Trotter is also the proud father of a two-year-old boy.


Published in: July 2018

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