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The Schedule of the Move to the New Premises

These are the dates members should keep in mind when planning visits to the FCCJ – both at the old location and the new one.

Tues., Oct. 16:
The FCCJ takes possession of the facility in the new building. It will not be open to members or public.

Tues., Oct. 16 – Fri., Oct. 26:
Completion of outstanding construction tasks, such as installation of phone lines, security systems, kitchen facilities and other items.

Tues., Oct. 16 – Fri., Oct. 26:
Limited numbers of people will be invited to view the premises, test menu items, and prepare for events such as the gala opening.

Fri., Oct. 26:
Last event at the Yurakucho Denki Bldg. premises, a correspondents’ lunch.

Fri., Oct. 26, 15:00:
Commencement of the move.

Fri., Oct. 26 – Sun., Oct. 28:
The move will take place over this weekend.

Mon., Oct. 29:
A soft open for lunch. During the soft open, the new Club will continue to operate with a limited menu as fine tuning continues.

Thurs., Nov. 8:
The first official banquet
at the new premises, and the beginning of full-scale Club operations.
Members should keep in mind that the move is a huge operation and staff will be adapting to the new facilities.

Thurs., Nov. 22:
The Gala Opening Party, a stand-up reception for members and guests.


10 Things About the New Premises

Among the many new and improved facilities for use by Club members, the new Club location will feature:

  1. 2 Discounted Parking Spaces for use by members, along with 5 bicycle parking spaces
  2. Dedicated elevators from Parking area and 1st floor
  3. Underground access from all nearby subway stations
  4. Accessible restrooms to accommodate people with physical disabilities
  5. Use of a Sports gym nearby Things
  6. IC chip in membership card to Know
  7. A balcony terrace
  8. Almost twice as many (and bigger) work spaces
  9. Studio for audio recording and small photography work
  10. 4 taps at the bar for craft beers


Some Popular Rumors (or make up some of your own)
A few of the rumors that we have heard about the new Club over the last year, which we can categorically state are false.

It is not true . . .

  • That the Club will close at 9pm, meaning fewer guests, meaning less revenue, meaning the Club will go out of business.
  • That books in the library will only be digital.
  • That work spaces will be equipped only with manual typewriters.
  • That Associate Members must stay in the “Economy Class” section of the Main Bar, with a menu limited to microwaved items.
  • That there will be a hot yoga room.
  • That a full-time employee will be stationed on the 20th floor of the Yurakucho Denki Building for six months to lead lost and confused members to the new location.
  • That there will be deluxe sleeping quarters for inebriated members.
  • That the Wi-fi connection will be directly connected to the Foreign Ministry.
  • That the menu will be vegetarian only.
  • That there will be no vegetarian choices on the menu.
  • That in order to maintain their status, all Regular Members must, while drunk, tell three stories about close calls with authorities to 5 Associate Members without any of the latter falling asleep or walking away.
  • That the restrooms are somewhere in Saitama Prefecture.
  • That the new Club is somewhere in Saitama Prefecture.


Published in: October 2018

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