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Number 1 Shimbun

MEIAN – Chiaroscuri Giapponesi

Photographs by Alessandra Maria Bonanotte


In recent years, Italian photographer Alessandra Maria Bonanotte has been fascinated by Japan, its nature, shrines and temples, festivals, crafts and artisans. In this exhibition, she focuses on Japanese spirituality expressed in the world of MEIAN, Japanese chiaroscuro.

Alessandra was born in 1979 in Rome, where she graduated in Natural Sciences at the University La Sapienza and studied photography. She worked as a photographer for the ONG Scuoladelsole, committed to the education of refugee children in Vienna in 2010 and collaborated with the study Fototeca of Tokyo in 2011.

Since 2012, she has worked with the Hiro Gallery and Kyuryudo Art Publish- ing Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, as well as a number of art publications. Her capacity to capture artists’ beauty while producing artworks is highly valued, as are her portraits of many great artists, including Fukumi Shimura, a living national treasure of dyeing and weaving.

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Published in: October 2018

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