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Club News - 20 Years at 20 Floors: SNL says “Sayonara”

No1-2018-10 12 Rambling Steve Gardner


Saturday Nite Live, the weekend live performance event celebrating its 20th year, will hold its last night at the Club’s present space on the 20th floor on October 20th, titled, “Sayonara Old Digs Yurakucho Denki Building SNL.” Appearing will be bluesman Rambling Steve Gardner, who will be performing solo, and Peter Montgomery, who will perform with his band. “SNL is the Entertainment Committee’s five-star event,” says committee chair Sandra Mori. “We’ve always tried to provide a wide variety of performers – in fact, we once had a Himalayan yak yodeler – but we’re so happy to have Peter’s jazz group, and Steve, who is not only a great performer, but has been our best supporter of the event over the years.”

In fact, Gardner was the first musician to play what became the SNL. “After working as a photojournalist and musician in Japan since the early 80’s, the news that the FCCJ is moving has it me like an earthquake,” says Gardner. “Thinking about all the photos of members past and present being boxed up along with all the photographs taken by correspondents during WWII, the Korean and Vietnam wars, I can’t help but hum a tune sung by one of the toughest women of the blues, Koko Taylor. It’s called “If Walls Could Talk,” because if these here could, the building just might burn down before we can move.” Come to the Club and you just might hear it.


Published in: October 2018

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