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Hello Nijubashi!


On Nov. 22 the the FCCJ held a Club-warming party in our new Marunouchi premises.

All photos by Albert Siegel

12 FCCJ Party 05



Welcome speeches
by Sandra Mori (who has been with the Club at all its premises) and behind her Club Events Committee Chair, Akihiko Tanabe. Below, Tetsuo Yuasa, Senior Executive Officer, of Mitsubishi Estate

12 FCCJ Party 02

12 FCCJ Party 04



Performance Art
Top, the Fuka Daikoh drummers from Gunma and, below, entertainer Pikotaro

12 FCCJ Party 06



Dance floored
with music provided by the Moonshots

12 FCCJ Party 12



Mew Iwabuchi, Grady Loy and Phoebe Amoroso;

12 FCCJ Party 08

Masanobu Tsukagoshi, Kuniko Isa, Milton Isa, Mikuni, Katsu and Shozo Tsukagoshi;

12 FCCJ Party 10


Chris Lawson, Reiko Sugioka, Kathryn Wortley, Yuntao Fan and Daniel Hurst.

12 FCCJ Party 09



Club treasurer Willem Kortekaas, Sandra Mori, Director-at-Large Khaldon Azhari and Club Secretary Daniel Hurst open the sake, provided by Born Saké – flanked by the night’s Noh performers Otomasa Sakai and Otoharu Saka, below).

12 FCCJ Party 03

12 FCCJ Party 01



Pikotaro meets Club Exhibition Chair Bruce Osborn and his wife Yoshiko; 

12 FCCJ Party 07

Stirling Elmendorf, Norman Tolman, Kumiko Elmendorf and Club GM Marcus Fishenden

12 FCCJ Party 11



Published in: December 2018

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