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Number 1 Shimbun

Hacks & Flacks

Journalists, PR executives and others mingled at the FCCJ’s yearly bash on Jan. 25.

12 Hacks 1


Club President Peter Langan, Club GM Marcus Fishenden, House of Councillors member Mitsuko Ishii, journalist Bobbie van der List and Director-at-Large Dan Sloan smash the saké barrel provided by Born saké, whose owner Atsuhide Kato gave a speech (below).

12 Hacks 2

The event was well attended – as it always is.

12 Hacks 3

ALSOK Lion Dance Team gave a performance.

12 Hacks 4

Sterling Content’s Kathryn Wortley, Telegraph correspondent Julian Ryall and Hiroshi Iki, senior marketing manager, KEF Japan Inc.

12 Hacks 5

The Club’s Special Projects Committee chair Haruko Watanabe, soprano Mayumi Torikoshi and Meiko Ninomiya.

12 Hacks 6

ARD German Radio’s Kathrin Erdmann, freelance journalist Jake Adelstein, 
and the Washington Post’s Simon Denyer.

12 Hacks 7

ORIX Corp’s communications assistant manager Yuka Kanaoka and freelance writer William Sposato.

12 Hacks 8

The Times correspondent Richard Lloyd Parry, Prothom Alo’s Monzurul Huq and freelancer Asger Røjle Christensen.

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Published in: February 2019

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