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08 20190211 146 RdeGuzman

Somin-sai festival 
Men at Kokusekiji, Oshu, after bathing in the river, Feb. 11.
The ancient festival is to pray for good harvests and the prevention of climate disasters.
by Richard Atrero de Guzman/SIPA


08 E IGP4578

A long line
Left, the Imperial family greets well-wishers from the balcony
of the palace on the Emperor’s birthday, Dec. 23 last year.
by Albert Siegel


08 Tomohiro Ohsumi 004

Lion dance 
Below left, a street performance for Chinese New Year
in Yokohama enters a restaurant, Feb. 5.
by Tomohiro Ohsumi


08 IMG 5922

More icy bathing 
Below right, Shinto believers pour purifying cold water
over themselves at Kanda shrine, Tokyo, Jan, 26.
by Yoshikazu Tsuno


Published in: March 2019

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