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FCCJ Exhibition - Emperor Akihito’s Abdication and the Imperial Family

The Club is very pleased and honored to present this special photography exhibition of the Imperial Family in the same month as Emperor Akihito prepares to retire from official duties, bringing the Heisei Era to a close. 

A law was passed last year to allow Emperor Akihito to retire, the first such abdication in 200 years.

The Heisei era began on Jan. 8, 1989, the day after the death of Emperor Akihito’s father, Hirohito. It will conclude on April 30, 2019. 

To commemorate the Heisei Era, this exhibition focuses on the Imperial couple and their influence on the Japanese people.

The FCCJ has only been able to host this exhibition because of the support of the Associated Press and Nikkei, which provided images from their archives. The FCCJ offers its sincere appreciation for that support. 

Peter Langan

07 1

May 6, 2011, Miyako City, Iwate: Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visit evacuees in
a gymnasium after the 3/11 earthquake. Photograph by Masayuki Terasawa/Nikkei.


07 2

April 10, 1959: The carriage procession at the Prince and Princess’ wedding. Nikkei photo.


Published in: April 2019

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