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Congratulations to the Swadesh DeRoy scholarship winners!

THE FCCJ CELEBRATED THE talent of the next generation of journalists with the announcement of the winners of the annual Swadesh DeRoy Scholarship. 

The initiative – named in honor of the late Swadesh DeRoy, a respected long-time journalist member of the FCCJ – aims to encourage and support university students interested in entering journalism. The award is intended to be used for purposes like language courses, travel, purchase of computer equipment or books, or living expenses during a journalism internship.

For the 2018-19 awards, the Scholarship Committee asked for submissions that addressed the broad topic “Japan's Future in a Changing World – Geopolitical, Economic, or Demographic Dynamics.”

The judges were impressed by the creative ways that entrants addressed the topic, and in some cases decided to award prizes jointly to recognize outstanding entries.

Full list of winners as announced at an awards ceremony at the FCCJ on April 17:


1st: Tin Tung Jonathan Chu (Waseda University) and Marina Yoshimura (Waseda University/Yale College) – ¥200,000 each

2nd: Reiko Naka (Hosei University) and Makoto Iwahashi (Kyoto University) – ¥75,000 each



1st: Chisato Tanaka (Waseda University) – ¥250,000

2nd: Chi Long Nguyen (Tohoku University) – ¥100,000



1st: Alzbeta Kossuthova (Waseda University) – ¥300,000


Published in: June 2019

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