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Lens craft


You say tomato, I say food-related consumable product
Humanoid robots, called Foodly, pack lunch boxes alongside human workers for a demonstration of collaborative work at the FOOMA exhibition (a showcase of food-related equipment and technology) in Tokyo on July 11. 
by Yoshikazu Tsuno



Dance night
Bon odori at Zozoji temple, Tokyo. 
by Stirling Elmendorf



Fuji and fire
A Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Type 16 mobile combat vehicle fires ammunition during a live-fire exercise at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Aug. 22
by Tomohiro Ohsumi



The old bamboo
Aug 7: People at the annual and ancient Suhoutei Festival at Iminomiya Shrine in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, gather at the shrine and walk around a giant stone with very tall bamboo attached to their body while playing gongs and taiko drums. 
by Richard Atrero de Guzman/ NUR Photo

Published in: September 2019

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