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Tanja Houwerzijl, Freelance

09-07 160

Hirofumi Nakano, Office Liberte, works for Japanese media, both print and broadcast, in Tokyo and Osaka. In 2000, he enrolled in Emerson College’s school of journalism as a graduate student. Nakano then joined Nippon Television Network’s Washington Bureau as an associate producer, covering a variety of topics in Washington’s politics, diplomacy and including anti-Bush movements across the nation. A highlight of his time there was an exclusive interview with the family of the defector Charles Jenkins. He then became a Washington-based freelance journalist until returning to Japan in October 2007. Besides journalism, Nakano’s passions are sports, hip-hop music and reading history books.


09-08 160

Randy Schmidt, CBS News. He graduated from UCLA Film School in 1984 and worked at 20th Century Fox motion picture studio before moving to Tokyo in 1996. After working for the CNN Tokyo Bureau as a cameraman-editor, Schmidt began freelancing as a cameraman for all the major foreign TV news bureaus in Tokyo. He also held a contract staff job at Reuters Japan from 1999-2002. He was hired by CBS News in 2006 as cameraman-editor, based in Tokyo, covering Asia. He has covered assignments such as the 3/11 disaster, North Korea, and the recent protests in Hong Kong. On the lighter side, Schmidt has shot and edited stories on such subjects as snow monkeys, soba noodles, bonsai and robots.



Hiroaki Fujii, OMY Area Management Association
Takayuki, Kishii, OMY Area Management Association
Norihiko Hirose, Arrow Shipping Japan Co., Ltd.
Kazumitsu Irie, Irie Corporation
Toyoaki Ishikawa, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC
Junichi Ito, Geneq Corporation
Naoyuki Miyayama, Club Concierge Corp.
Yoichiro Nakagawa, Nakagawa Special Steel Inc.
Hiroshi Ninomiya, Medical Corp Kenikai
Jun Sakakibara, Chitose Tourist Association
Koki Seki, Choyu Equity Management Co., Ltd.
Masahiko Shinshita, Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd.
Shunsuke Tanahashi, Partners Group Japan KK
Yoshiaki Watanabe, Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd.

Published in: September 2019

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