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09 09

After the typhoon
Rescue personnel walk a muddy road during search and rescue operations in the aftermath of Typhoon No. 19 (known as Hagibis) in Hoyasu, Nagano on Oct. 14. Rescue efforts for people stranded in flooded areas were in full force after the extremely powerful and deadly typhoon unleashed heavy rainfall.
by Richard Atrero de Guzman/ Sipa USA


09 10

The typhoon saw more than 60 rivers overflow and caused destruction across a widespread area of Japan. More than 100km away from Hoyasu (above left) in Sano, Tochigi (right) a woman carries her daughter through a flooded area on Oct. 13.
by Tomohiro Ohsumi


09 11

Winning smiles
Novak Djokovic takes a photo with fans after he defeated Japan’s Go Soeda at the Rakuten Japan Open tennis championships in Tokyo, Oct. 2. Djokovic went on to be overall winner of the championship
by Yoshikazu Tsuno

Published in: November 2019

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