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08 01


Asa-kai are the FCCJ’s breakfast meetings bringing topics that will be of interest to different Members. The Asa-kai on Nov. 15 was titled Dental Health and Mental Health—the Missing Link. The event looked at that link, especially in older people­—an often overlooked subject, yet one that is a real and important one, as clinical research in Japan and elsewhere has demonstrated.

Three eminent and practicing Japanese dental experts—Hiroshi Kawazu, Hideo Kawahara and Akira Uehama—who are all prominent members of the Japan Academy of Clinical Dentistry explained the link, including using video evidence.

Their findings show that the connection between simply chewing properly and good brain function is more direct than is often realized—and such chewing habits need to be cultivated from an early age.
For a country such as Japan and for many others that have rapidly aging populations, recognition of the need to tackle age-related conditions has far-reaching medical, social and even financial implications.

Videos of all our press conferences—as well as some events like the Asa-kai—are on the Club’s YouTube channel. Simply go to YouTube and search “FCCJ Channel”. Subscribe and you will see our videos listed when you visit the site, hit the bell logo next to the “Subscribe” button if you want to be alerted when new videos are uploaded.

Published in: December 2019

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