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Number 1 Shimbun

The Club poet

Synergy Net

They burned in my consciousness the KISS formula –
Keep it simple and sweet
So, I have no speech, just a plea, a prayer of sorts:
Judge the art, not the artist,
End the paralysis of silo wars,
The malaise of puffed up ego dancing.

The collective wisdom in this room astounds
and humbles –
The aesthetics of Exhibits and of Film
The professionalism of the No. 1
and by definition PAC;
The distinction of Compliance
The protean style of Entertainment
The value-addition and friendship of Association
Last but not least –
The epicurean delight of F&B, especially B!

What we will do, working together,
Puts Watson to shame;
A bountiful harvest in a synergy net
Hug a tree, bring in a new member

Our cup runneth over with love for the Club
And a shared passion to ensure its well-being;
The Typhoon season is behind us
Now it’s time for brainstorms
of positive energy.

– Warren J Devalier

Published in: December 2019

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