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07 01

. . . on Tues., March 17 at 7:00 pm for a sneak preview of Mishima: The Last Debate, a documentary featuring long-lost footage of Yukio Mishima’s controversial appearance at the University of Tokyo in 1969, as he addressed 1,000 revolution-minded students who had come to “see him get beat up.” Instead, the acclaimed writer-actor-director engaged his audience with the mental agility of a gold-medal gymnast, nearly pulsating with intellectual energy and wit, beating back each counterargument with poetic logic, never once condescending, antagonizing, or treating the students with disrespect. Director Keisuke Toyoshima surrounds the centerpiece of his film with heartbreaking images of Tokyo under siege and interviews with former Todai students, former Shield Society members and others, and reminds us that words, wielded judiciously and meaningfully, will always triumph over swords; that there is always a common ground even when arguing political ideologies at opposite extremes. Toyoshima and award-winning novelist Keiichiro Hirano will join us for the Q&A session. 

(Japan, 2020; 108 minutes; in Japanese with English subtitles) 

— Karen Severns

07 02


Published in: March 2020

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