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Is an anchor of the investigative news program “Hodo Tokushu” (Weekly News Special) of TBS. He has been working for TBS for more than 43 years. As a TV journalist, he has covered many
stories, including the collapse of the Soviet Union while he was Moscow Bureau chief (1991-1994), the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars as the Washington D.C. Bureau chief (2002-2005), the end of the Cold War (1989-1991), North Korea issues (1999-present) and so on. He loves being a TV journalist. He says the longer he does this work, the more convinced he becomes that it is a vital public service because, despite the changing media landscape, the journalist’s role is to provide factual eyewitness accounts. He thinks that’s especially true amid today’s armchair blogosphere-cum-journalism.
He was born in 1953, at Asahikawa City, Hokkaido.





Is a Tokyo-based video journalist for the Associated Press (AP). Her main area of coverage is Japan, covering stories from natural disasters to unique cultural happenings. Before joining
the AP, she was a TV news producer at Reuters,
creating video content as a camerawoman and an on-air reporter. Haruka started off her journalism career with Bloomberg TV in Hong Kong, which is also where she grew up. She graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Psychology.


Masayoshi J.J. Akimoto, Welsten K.K.
Takao Fukami, Izumi Kasei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Yoshitaka Izumi, Izumi Kasei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Yuki Izumi, Izumi Kasei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Hiroyuki Nakagawa, SMBC Trust Bank
Hiroyuki Nakatani, Spring Field Co., Ltd.
Kenshi Suzuki, Lex Institute / Hippo Family Club
Kentaro Tomita, D.I.System Co., Ltd.


Takashi Tomita, No affiliation

Published in: July 2020

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