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On Wednesday, July 15 at 7:00 pm for a sneak preview of “Kushina, what will you be,” our first screening of a female-directed, female-centric film in more than a year. Moët Hayami’s enigmatic first feature imagines a beautiful, beguiling world, hidden deep in the mountains of Japan, where women have created a colony without men, living off the land and cultivating cannabis to trade for the necessities they can’t grow. When an anthropologist appears one day with a male guide, after searching for this matriarchal utopia for years, she unwittingly alters their lives forever. Hayami and two of the film’s stars, Yayoi Inamoto and Miyuki Ono, will be on hand for the Q&A session. (Japan, 2018; 70 minutes; in Japanese with English subtitles) — Karen Severns

Published in: July 2020

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