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BARBARA WAGNER-GMEINER is a native of Eisenstadt and Vienna, where after a foray in fashion design she studied economics. Since 2007 she has been the Head of Communications at the Esterházy Private Foundation in Eisenstadt, (Esterházy Betriebe GMBH), working on management structures and on the preservation, restoration, and expansion of the region’s historical monuments and collections:


TOM WILSON came to his new posting at the Australian Embassy in late January this year, just before COVID-19 started to spread. He first came to Japan as an exchange student at the International Christian University High School and is enjoying reconnecting with Japan and getting to know fellow Club members.



ESTEBAN MIYASHIRO NAKAIMA is a professor at Aichi Toho University (Nagoya), Faculty of Business. Nakaima-san is Okinawan but was born in Peru. He has worked on IT for Amazon, Microsoft and Citigroup. He loves travel and has visited all 47 prefectures in Japan.


BENJAMIN SKEPPER is an internationally acclaimed Australian/ Japanese artist, classically trained musician, qualified lawyer, and published researcher. In 2007 he founded the creative enterprise Contrapuntal KK, immersing creative thinkers at the intersects of art, culture, science and technology. He is also a Research Fellow of the Moscow State Conservatory in music, genetics and medicine.




JUN KITAJIMA is a professor at the Graduate School of Information and Communication teaching Intelligence Strategy and Global Public Affairs. He specialises in anti-corruption issues, especially bribery. He enjoys boating, diving, photography, film and reading the classics.




FRANCESCO BASSETTI is a freelance journalist and editor specialising in environmental issues. He writes about climate science for the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change (CMCC), Renewable Matter,, and the Japan Times.


MARA BUDGEN is a freelance journalist specialising in sustainable development. As Chief Editor of the English- language issue of LifeGate Media, Italy’s top sustainability communications company, Mara manages fifteen contributors from four continents. She also writes for the Japan Times.

Published in: November 2020

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