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Number 1 Shimbun

FCCJ Exhibition: Photographs by Everett Kennedy Brown



EVERETT KENNEDY BROWN’S PHOTOGRAPHS HAVE appeared in No. 1 Shimbun before as both reportage and artworks, and now his large-format series impresses from the walls of the Main Bar and Masukomi sushi restaurant. This month’s exhibition features his photographs from the Boso peninsula where he lives. The photographs are of the present day, but are taken using a wooden 19th-century camera, and the glass-negatives are developed by an old-fashioned wet-plate process. But they are timeless images, reflecting the continuum of the life-by-the-ocean theme of the series. The process and look of the contemporary but seemingly historical photographs fits alongside the back-and-forth of the sea that is their subject.

Everett Kennedy Brown is a writer, fine art photographer, FCCJ Member and former bureau chief of European Pressphoto Agency. His latest book is 日本力.



Published in: January

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