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OUR ANNUAL GATHERING OF JOURNALISTS AND PR representatives from corporations, government and embassies on Jan. 29 was a dai hitto, according to president Lucy Birmingham. “It seemed everyone enjoyed themselves,” she said after the party, attended by a record 294 members and guests.

Giving a boost to the proceedings was this traditional kagamiwari sake barrel opening ceremony performed (left to right) by new GM Tomohiko Yanagi, 1st VP Martin Koelling, MC Steve McClure, president Lucy Birmingham and PAC Chair Abi Sekimitsu. The sake barrel was donated by Kato Kichibee Shoten.






THE SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET STARTED OUT THE year with a bang, as the Jan. 26 version was a big hit. The tables of the main Pen & Quill restaurant were filled with members and their families and friends who turned out for the French cuisine and roast beef.

The next of these monthly events will be held on Feb. 23, from 11:30am to 2pm, and will feature Italian cuisine (and, as always, the signature roast beef). The Buffet is a perfect situation for celebrating birthdays, as a bottle of wine or a cake is given to any member or family member with a birthday during the month.

Make reservations early, by phone or at the Front Desk. The price is a very reasonable ¥3,150 for adults, ¥1,890 for children 4 to 14.




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