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Club Notes: March 2014




Each month's exhibition starts with an opening night for the artist. Here are shots by Club member Martin Hladik (photographer with MH Agency) of two recent water-themed shows. Left, Everett Kennedy Brown at his “Sea of Fertility” exhibition of wet-plate photographs of the sea around Chiba; and Taisuke Yokoyama at the party for his photographs around the lives of two watermen, Jacques Mayol and Tiger Espere.




FCCJ PRESIDENT LUCY BIRMINGHAM SPOKE TO audiences in Osaka and Kyoto on Jan. 25 about the state of the foreign media in Japan, and FCCJ’s role in protesting last year’s new state secrecy laws. The Knowledge Capital complex in Umeda, along with Kansai Scene magazine, sponsored the Osaka talk, which drew about 40 people, including local journalists, diplomats and business leaders. The Kyoto talk was co-sponsored by the Kyoto City International Foundation and attended by about 60 people, many of whom expressed concern about the state secrets law. It was covered by the Kyoto Shimbun.             — Eric Johnston




UP-AND-COMING RAKUGO PERFORMER Kokontei Bungiku drew in a sell-out crowd of 160 at an “Edo Setsubun Rakugo Night” on Feb. 3 staged by the Special Projects Committee.

A graduate of prestigious Gakushuin University, Bungiku served his apprenticeship with the renowned rakugoka, Kokontei Engiku. In 2009 he was recognized by NHK by the award of the broadcaster’s New Entertainer Grand Prize.

Part sponsors of the evening were the Kato Kichibei Shoten sake brewery, which provided generous supplies of their best brews to lubricate the evening.


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