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TSUTOMU ISHIAI was named Foreign News Editor of the Asahi Shimbun in June, 2013, after serving in Cairo as the Middle East and African Editor. Ishiai joined the Asahi Shimbun in 1988 after completing his B.A. of economics at Waseda University. He worked in Washington D.C. from 1996 until he was transferred to Cairo in 1998, where he served as Middle East correspondent until 2001. Ishiai returned to Washington from 2002 to 2006 as Sr. diplomatic correspondent, and focused on U.S. foreign policy toward the Middle East. He is the co-author of Guantanamo, what is going on at the U.S. anti-terror camp in Cuba? and Japan's Grand Strategy and its Constitution. Since 2009, he has been a visiting fellow at Center for Interdisciplinary Study of Monotheistic Religions at Doshisha University. He lives in Tokyo with his wife and son.



LIU TIAN is China’s Xinhua News Agency correspondent responsible for political and diplomatic stories from its Japan Bureau. He came to Japan over one year ago on his first assignment abroad. Prior to this, from July 2011, he worked as an editor at the English-language desk of the International News Department in Beijing. Tian received a master’s degree in international relations from China's Foreign Affairs University in Beijing after majoring in English at the University of International Relations. His dispatch to Japan caught him by surprise, since his second foreign language is French.

Liu Tian, Xinhua News Agency
Tsutomu Ishiai, Asahi Shimbun

Jeffrey Quigley, The Diplomat

Sarah Wooten, Delegation of the European Union
Yoshiaki Nakamura, Nippon Steel & Sumikin Technology Corp.
Akira Tanabe, Career Development Associates

Hiroo Tanabe, Ozma Inc.

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