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The Saturday Nite Live! event continues to entertain members with an eclectic line-up of great musicians performing a wide variety of genres. Keyboard musician Morgan Fisher and his array of vintage electronic instruments made another appearance in March. His highly individualistic blend comes after years of playing with bands like Mott the Hoople, Queen and Yoko Ono, among others, and was a big hit among the full house audience.




A GLOBAL FILM VILLAGE: in the Club’s main bar after the screening

of The Act of Killing: (from left) Karen Severns, Film Committee chair;

Alison Klayman, director; and Colin Jones producer of Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry; Argentinian documentarians Patricio Lumini and Maria Sol Nakagama; Killing’s director Joshua Oppenheimer; and production assistant Shusaku Harada.





THE MAIN BAR OF THE CLUB WAS redecorated for a special occasion last month: the birthday of bar major-domo Mohammed Hanif, who turned 62(ish) on March 14. Staff not only sported some custom-made T-shirts to mark the day but were able to share in a cake feast. We wish Hanif many more years keeping things running smoothly under his friendly eye.


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