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TAMZIN BOOTH is the current Tokyo bureau chief of the Economist. She joined the publication in 2001, where she worked as finance correspondent and media editor in London before being posted to Paris in 2008 as European business editor. Prior to The Economist, she was a staff writer at the Wall Street Journal Europe and Institutional Investor Magazine. From 1995 to 1998 she worked in Hong Kong as an equity research associate for Salomon Brothers. Her interests include literature, current affairs, sailing and skiing.



MATHEW SMITH is senior editor at Engadget. He was relocated from London to cover major consumer tech companies and research projects in Japan and the rest of Asia. He worked in Sendai as part of the JET program, then became a journalist, doing freelance work for both the Guardian and the Times. He also took up judo during his time in Sendai, and managed to earn his black belt before returning to the UK.



Mike De Jong, Paradigm
Ryusaku Tanaka, Tanaka Ryusaku Journal
Takeo Sato, Freelance
Takayuki Yasui, Asahi Shimbun
Tomoko Sato, TBS Television, Inc.
Yoshiko Miwa, Denno Neko Yashiki Co., Ltd.
Kenji Oikawa, France 10


Christian Howes, Merill Lynch Japan Securities Co., Ltd.
Wolter A. Veenhoven,
Hastex International K. K.
Osamu Funatsu, Bain Capital
Tatsuya Kuji, Kuji Sekkei
Takeshi Hara
Kazuyuki Okada, DLS Trading Inc.
Tokio Mitsuda, Marcura Japan K. K.
Shigeru Nishimura, Nishimura AQ Industries Co., Ltd.
Soichiro Iida, Chiba Iida Farm
Rie Sakamoto, UBIC Inc.
Kiyohiko Toyama, New Komeito Party
Takeshi Yokoyama, Take Off
Kazushige Kasakura, AOI International Co., Ltd.
Tatsuo Kawasaki, Unison Capital, Inc.


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