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 Voters may have been ho-hum about the Dec. 14 lower house election, but not the Club members who joined Michael Cucek of Temple University, Jun Okumura of the Eurasia Group and Sebastian Maslow of the German Institute for Japanese studies as the polls closed on election day. They headed an interactive discussion among the gathered journalists on the meaning of the exit polls and the results as they watched Prime Minister Abe once again lead his coalition to a big majority win.

(Photo by Asger Rojle Christensen)





This month sees a return to a full calendar of FCCJ activities after the more quiet days of the year-end holidays.

After a brief hiatus, the Club’s weekend entertainment event – Saturday Nite Live! – will once again feature a full month of great music, including a performance by Kevin Gray and the Gravy Train on Jan. 17, from 18:30.

One of the highlights of the Press Event calendar is sure to be the 10:00am press conference on Jan. 16, with Shuji Nakamura, the University of California, Santa Barbara professor who was the recent winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in inventing blue light-emitting diodes.

And the usual lively crowd is expected to attend the “Hacks & Flacks” New Year Party, where journalists and members of the public relations industry rub shoulders from 19:00 on Friday, Jan. 23.

Please go to the FCCJ website, at for more events and detailed information.




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