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ERICH BONNERT is a freelance business and technology journalist from Germany. After several years in editorial positions at a computer magazine in Stuttgart, he became a freelance reporter in 1996 and moved to the U.S. He reported from Silicon Valley as a correspondent and columnist for the German business weekly Wirtschaftswoche until 2002. He continued to write for tech and business publications such as Heise in Germany, Cash in Switzerland and Monitor in Austria. Erich has been working in Japan since 2014. His work has appeared in Technology Review and VDI Nachrichten, among others. He lives in Tokyo with his wife and daughter.



TSURUO MOCHIZUKI has been the deputy managing director of NHK World since June 2014. After entering NHK in April 1983, he has held posts as a business and economic news correspondent, a Washington-based economic correspondent, and bureau chief of NHK’s Seoul office from May 2000. He became the international news editor in Tokyo in 2004. He was head of the general bureau for Asia, based in Bangkok, and the head of the general bureau for America, based in New York, prior to his present posting.



GAKU SHIBATA is an international news editor at the Yomiuri Shimbun. He joined the paper after graduating with an economics degree from Keio University in 1987, and worked as a staff writer for political news, as a correspondent based in Okinawa and Washington, and as an editorial writer. He was the Washington bureau chief and general American bureau chief from 2011 to 2013.

Kosei Kobayashi, Sekai Bunka
Publishing, Inc.
Kaoru Nagai, ALC Press Inc.
Kota Otani, LINE Corporation

Kamal Attanayaka, M.K. Trading Company
Warren A. Stanislaus, Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation
Hiroshi Kimura, L&J Law Office
Shigeru Makino, Fairness Law Office
Akio Matsubara, Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.
Hajime Takatsuji, Yamadaya Manjyu

David G. Fisher
Rike Wootten, Gotairiku Partners
Yaeko Sagawa, Sakura Golf Co., Ltd.


Published in: April 2015

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